June 30, 2021

07. How To Effectively Lead Teams Through Change

07. How To Effectively Lead Teams Through Change

As leaders, we have experienced a rollercoaster ride of change like never before - especially in the past two years. Therefore, it’s important for leaders to learn how to guide our teams through the different phases of change so that our teams thrive, per

🙄 The two reasons teams do not like changes. 01:22

🤓 Many people are considering quitting jobs, so we need to adapt to retain our teams. 03:02

📈 Bruce Tuckman’s stages of group development model. 04:11

▶️ Coming together: Forming. 04:44

🧠 The Storming phase. 05:52

💪 The Norming phase and Performing. 06:34

😇 Storming is a normal, natural process - so embrace this phase. 08:12

🧠  LBT Trivia Question: How many thunderstorms are happening in the world right now? 11:48

🗣️ Storming teams: The importance of communication during a time of change is huge. 12:18

👂 Boost the number of check-ins with your team. 14:27

🎧 Check out Episode #4 - 3 Ways to Align Your Team Around Goals, Roles, and Methods. 15:13

⌚ When is the time for negotiation to kick in? 15:42

3️⃣  Three BOLD Leadership Questions, with Gisele Shelley Garcia. 16:50

📖  “Changes are inevitable, and not always controllable. What can be controlled is how you manage, react, and work through the change process.” Kelly A. Morgan 17:49

🚩 Leading Better Teams Challenge. 19:00


Better Teams Assessment https://better-teams.com/assessment/

Bruce Tuckman’s Model: http://web.mit.edu/curhan/www/docs/Articles/15341_Readings/Group_Dynamics/Tuckman_1965_Developmental_sequence_in_small_groups.pdf

Activity Stages of Our Team https://leigh-ann-rodgers.mykajabi.com/better-teams-stages-of-our-team

Gisele Shelley Garcia BOLD Leadership https://theglenbrookgroup.com/womens-leadership/

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